Corporate Events

Live Events is specialised in employee engagements, creative, innovative setups and unique conceptual work. We work with companies, assisting them at every stage, from event strategies and ideation to final execution of designs, production and all involved Logistics. Learn more...


IP Events

Live Events conducted various Intellectual Property Event (IP Events). Events like Kiddathon, Balloon Run, Water Marathon, Talentica are conducted at Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore are some to say. Learn more...


Social Impact Events

Our Social Impact Event is non-profitable events focused to create public awareness. Our recent event 'Mega Seed Ball Festival' created a social impact on more than 5 Lakh individual. Learn more...



To ensure that this special day lives up to your expectation. We promise the months and days before will be stress-free when we provide you with a professional planning experience that streamlines the arduous process every step of the way. We work with families to customize the perfect celebration. Learn more...

With everything in-house from experienced events managers, creative teams, technical resources, to the production equipment, we ensure not only great value but a robust and reliable client-centric service from start to finish. 

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